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Pros of Using Managed WordPress Hosting

Tuesday, 31 December 2013 | Posted by Bhavna Benival

Performance and reliability. Hosts that specialize in WordPress are able to customize their servers to be optimized for WordPress-powered sites. Most web hosts allow you to use whatever CMS or scripts you choose, so the servers may not be configured to maximize WordPress performance. This is especially true if you are using a cheap shared hosting account. If you have a VPS or a dedicated server you will have more control.

As you noticed in the descriptions of the companies above, page load speed is a major selling point for many of them. With visitors that expect fast loading and search engines like Google using load speeds as a factor to determine search rankings, it can have a major impact on your site and your business.

Security. WordPress is an incredibly popular content management system, and with the popularity and the fact that it is open source comes some added security risk. While it is possible to address security concerns on your own, these hosts take added precautions when compared to standard hosting.

Hands-free maintenance. While the features of each company vary, several offer automatic WordPress and plugin upgrades. If you (or your client) are not interested in taking the time to do these things manually, or if you would feel more comfortable with someone else taking care of it, this can be a significant factor.

Support. With managed WordPress hosting you’ll get support from people who really know WordPress. With most web hosts you’ll get support from people who kind of know WordPress, but for some issues you’ll be on your own. Many of the companies mentioned in this article will even attempt to support issues with themes and plugins in addition to core WordPress issues.



Few Usual Fable About Linux Shared Hosting

Tuesday, 22 October 2013 | Posted by Bhavna Benival

Few Usual Fable About Linux Shared Hosting

Some of the top myths that are doing the rounds in the mind of every potential website owner are as discussed below:

No support is available: The most common myth about linux shared hosting is that if you opt to this server, then you will not get any support, as this is an open source platform. But now the times have changed, and now there is a whole community of Linux developers are present, who will help you if there are any issues or problem. So, if you were having this notion till now, then it is time that you shed away this thought, and reconsider your decision.

A website running Windows application cannot be hosted on Linux: There are many people who believe that the website that uses proprietary products of Windows cannot run on a Linux platform. But you should understand one thing very clearly, and that is, the applications used in the website have nothing to do with the server that you are using to host the website. The choice of the server is dependent totally upon your requirement and not the environment in which it was developed.

The popularity of Windows OS is due to the superiority of Windows: There is a difference between the popularity of an operating system, and the popularity of using it as a server. A linux shared hosting is much cheaper, and is very easy to maintain and run. As this server runs on an open platform, the cost of the license does not have to be borne by the website owner. They also do not have the security issues like the Windows server. The users also get the freedom of changing the code of the applications, as and when they require it.

Windows server is faster than Linux: This is the biggest myth of all time. The advanced features of the Windows Operating System does not mean that that the speed of the server will be fast too. Some of the best Linux servers can also match the speed of the Windows server. Many tests have been carried out, and the speed has been found to be same in both the cases.

Linux hosting is complex: The cPanel or the Admin panel of the linux shared hosting is very user friendly, and it is similar to the control panel provided by Windows. As the code of the source in Linus server can be changed easily, the development work is easier in this platform.

So, these are the common myths that have instilled lots of confusion in the mind of the customers.


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Cheap and Reliable Hosting for Wordpress

Friday, 27 September 2013 | Posted by Bhavna Benival

On a quick review of my Facebook feeds, I could come to a conclusion that newbie’s who just started with WordPress often miss out the disadvantages of free Hosting companies and later on face issues like Website hacked, server compromised, Internal server error and so on later on. I therefore, want to talk about cheap WordPress hosting that offers quality service at reasonable price today so that you do not have to face the same problems others faced.

Luckily, today there are many reliable and cheap WordPress hosting companies available in the market. Some of them are globally renowned Web host and are popular in the social media for their quality services. All you need to have a keen eye to find those. With my experience in the industry I have come up with a list of the cheap WordPress hosting providers that you may trust upon.

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Beware of web hosting comparison sites

Friday, 30 August 2013 | Posted by Bhavna Benival

If you’ve been searching for a web host the chances are you’ve come across one of many “web hosting comparison” sites. These sites generally follow the same format with a highly visible “Top 10 web hosting companies in India".

You may have visited several such sites and you’ve noticed the same hosts company names keep appearing - they must be good to be recommended on some sites you might think, but wait, there’s something you should know.

The myth of web hosting comparison sites

These sites are not actually giving you the full story. In reality all those links to Top10 and Recommended hosts are in actual fact affiliate links - if you click on a link and buy some hosting the comparison site owner makes a commission on the sale. Fair enough you might think, but the point is that they want you to click those links because they can make money from sales and it’s not an indication that the host is any good.

Let’s use an example

The company Bluehost is an India based hosting business and, apart from a massive advertising budget, it uses affiliate marketing to incentives web site owners to send them visitors in exchange for a commission on every hosting plan sold.

If you look around some hosting comparison sites you’ll probably find Bluehost in the Top 10 recommends list and get the impression that you’d get a good deal. However, if you dig a little deeper and look at a “real” review site you’ll see a different story.

They’re not all bad

Even if these hosting comparison sites push hosting using affiliate marketing it doesn’t necessarily mean that all the hosts are necessarily bad, but they do prevent you making a proper informed decision.

Visit for web hosting providers, reviews and ratings in India, including Shared Hosting, Reseller Hosting, PHP Hosting, Windows Hosting, Wordpress Hosting and more.


Best Web hosting Service Providers in India

Wednesday, 31 July 2013 | Posted by Bhavna Benival is a reliable provider of the best web hosting reviews in India. It reviews the providing companies and rates them according to the key features of reliability, price, page load time, support and ease-of-use.  It is simply the best guide to help users to choose and make business with the best in the market. The list is prepared after a lot of in-depth research by our expert set of jury. If you are new to the business web hosting world, bestWebHostingIndia is the right place to stop by to decide on the provider you want to link with. We have come up with the list of the top five Web hosting service Providers in India. Step ahead with the best!


Justhost is a web hosting provider that is always on the forefront in terms of customer satisfaction guarantees. With 99.9% uptime guarantee, additional live support staff surveillance 24x7, exclusive control panel and diverse contact methods it is found to be just the best. Another fascinating advantage is that even if you your JustHost account, you will get free domain for life. It also gives instant setup, unlimited disk space, unlimited transfers, unlimited email accounts and the aptitude to host unlimited domains and uses cPanel control panel.


Hostpapa is a reliable, sturdy, contactable and user friendly business web hosting provider in India. It uses 100% Green Renewable Energy. It is a customer service-oriented and budgeted service. It has the best control panel and site building tool to offer to its clients. It is not just your provider but acts as your business partner to rely upon. It is also ranked as one of the fastest growing web hosts with adequate amount of security and performance you always wished for.


Ipage possesses the industries leading business web development tools and help its clients design and retain their website. It also provides assistance to market, grow and easily expand your business. All the necessary tools required for the launch of a secure website is a part of its package. Multimedia features is also an add on. Ipage fulfils every customer demand like to blog, post photo galleries, videos or podcasts. You do not require 24x7 customer support because most of the troubleshoots are already present in the site’s page.


Hostgator is one of the fastest growing private businesses with the best web hosting solutions in the market.  It provides it clients with reliable reseller plans, VPS and devoted servers. Other premium advantages include unlimited bandwidth, disk space, MySQL, e-mail accounts, good script library, a set of productivity enhancing utilities and guaranteed 99.9% uptime. It also has domain parking along with IP address and a toll free number.


HostMonster includes unlimited transfers, unlimited web hosting space, unlimited sub domains, 100 MySQL databases, full range of scripts, ecommerce and multimedia features in its business web hosting package. HostMonster web hosting comes up with the perfect professional plan for you every time. Another advantage that makes it popular among clients is that they are gifted with hosting packages that offer unlimited domains under a single account.

Visit today and choose the web hosting provider that meets your exact criterion.


Choosing the Best Blog Hosting Plans

Friday, 19 July 2013 | Posted by Bhavna Benival

The reasons behind blog web hosting are different for many people. Some bloggers do it as a hobby while others write blogs to generate income. There are also those who maintain blogs as a strategic activity to optimize their other sites on the internet search engines. Whatever the reason behind setting up a web blog, there is a need to make sure that you have chosen the best hosting plan for your blog page.

The best blog hosting service is HostGator. It uses cpanel as its web management tool. It does not just use any version of cpanel, but it makes use of the latest version. There are three basic tools used to run blogs. They are myphpadmin, filemanager, Fantastico and mysql database.

Finding the perfect hosting company can be very beneficial for your blog. If you look around and compare different companies, you can actually find a hosting company that will provide you with the services that you require. People usually tend to go for a cheap hosting company however what they forget is that cheap hosting is not the same as best blog hosting.

The most popular of them is the free web blog hosting plan that is provided by popular free web blog hosting sites on the internet. Among the most popular hosting providers are Wordpress and Blogger as well as These sites provide excellent avenues for the bloggers to publish their writings without actually paying for the hosting services. These hosting plans are considered the best for those bloggers who write contents for general audience.


Possibilities of Cheap Linux Web Hosting

Tuesday, 2 July 2013 | Posted by Bhavna Benival

Website hosting may come cheap if few things are considered wisely. You need to calculate your budget and the skills that you or your staff possesses, to run a website once hosted. Windows may be easy to run but its operating software, as well as all its other applications requires a licensed purchase. Afterwards, all the other add on or upgrades for Windows cost, this whole procedure of recurring cost adds on to the overall expenditure on a windows server for hosting. Hence, Linux web hosting comes as a very unlimited linux web hosting alternative to the Windows web hosting solutions.

This is more so, because the Linux web hosting India services is based on Linux operating system. Linux is an absolutely free open software to modify, develop, distribute and share; all free of cost. This way, the cost of the OS and applications on Linux went while the only cost that remained to be taken care of; is the physical parts and components of the hosting device. The maintenance as well as the cost of operation also comes down consequently, increasing the profit ratio for the site owner.

The best Linux servers for web hosting are known for their stability and prompt response to commands, thus making them less prone to the crashes, which a server may otherwise suffer from. Through reliable sources it is known that at times, the cheap Linux hosting services in India give a far better running services and processes, which is even faster than the windows servers. Other than the shared server hosting, virtual private server hosting and the dedicated server hosting with Linux based operating system, there is a better web hosting solution for the cost conscious seasonal businessmen.

Currently, the linux cloud hosting is the most favored choice of webmasters all across India. This is because cheap Linux web hosting plans in India combined with a cloud server is the best option to pick for any website, which witnesses a heavy traffic and loads of visitors on a 24 x 7 basis. These servers are mostly pre-configured for all the web hosting requirements of a client. This is possible because of the regularly updated features and the software repositories that are easy to use. What is important to know here is how it works in acute benefit to the subscriber?

We all know that every server faces the network overload one time or the other. When it's about a Linux cloud hosting server, then other servers on its network would immediately balance the increasing load by a proper distribution of it over any free server that could be found available for the same. This whole process is done without causing any loss of data or damage to your website. In Linux cloud hosting, you only pay for what you use. This means, any resources that have been used by your website, is to be only paid for since there are no fixed charges for the resources that are made available to you. It's the usage that is calculated, thus giving you an advantage to have a good resource at your service in those busy days of your business, while you save a good amount of money.

Overall, picking up Linux based server hosting would always come cheaper, in comparison to any other windows based server hosting. The liberty to create your own software and modify the existing is a privilege that has made Linux the most used operating software for the web hosting servers across the world. No doubt Linux web hosting India offers the cheapest service in hosting sites over Linux OS.


Advantages of Cpanel Hosting

| Posted by Bhavna Benival

Cpanel internet hosting is affordable when compared with additional computers on the market today. During your analysis, you may have discovered that a lot of web hosting services are expensive. When you get several benefits and also advantages if you choose to work with this free, you get far more benefits if you choose to cover your support. Ensure that you know very well what you get no matter whether you decide to cash or perhaps utilize it free of charge prior to deciding to accept to use the service.

Cpanel hosting reviews tends to make internet hosting really straightforward. Many people hold the idea that you ought to be a specialist or even a skilled to operate solutions honestly. That's not the situation in relation to cPanel internet hosting. Cpanel hosting consists of a simple to use program that allows you to carry out jobs at the same time. Many companies merely enable you to accomplish one particular job at a time. As the cPanel service permits many activity to be carried out simultaneously you can finish a various responsibilities on time.

Cpanel web hosting service because it's so popular features large starting regarding users. For the recognition there is a wide variety of data and tutorials on hand. If you need to learn how to obtain something or even determine something out and about, you can almost certainly find a tutorial, post or perhaps discussion board which replies the questions you have and gives you with all the data which you will want.

Cpanel hosting also includes lots of characteristics which might be designed to fit the need of the users. You can give a wide selection of tasks and meet the necessities with one of these features. Very few solutions as well as packages on the market offer you as many great features on the market such as cPanel web hosting.

Overall, compared to other companies along with hosting web sites and firms around available today, it's difficult to do a comparison for you to cPanel hosting. Cpanel hosting undoubtedly makes website hosting fast, simple and easy. Don't assume all companies supplied tend to be easy-to-use understanding that can pose a problem for a lot of customers who may have hardly any knowledge about internet hosting. With cPanel hosting you can now generate web site, email accounts plus much more. In addition, cPanel internet hosting can be utilized unhampered or it could be purchased. Whilst equally present different features as well as services, it's going to be an easy task to determine which you'll are more effective for you personally. Not one other services has made website hosting easier.


Web Hosting Plan That Is Right For Your Business

| Posted by Bhavna Benival

The success of your website depends a lot on the quality of your unlimited web hosting plans. Your web host plays a central role in making sure that all the technology behind the scenes is running smoothly. If there is a technical glitch, that can mean major problems for your website. Selecting the right plan for your business can minimize many common hosting problems. Read this article to learn more about how you should approach your selection.

Web hosting plans differ in the features that they offer to cater to the different needs of the web site owners. A large website usually has many more needs than smaller websites. Look at the website that you are building. How big is it? Your hosting plan will need to provide you with enough storage space to store all of your web files, including any databases that you are running. In addition to your current storage needs, think about your website's expansion. What is your projected growth rate, and how much storage space will you need then? You should go with a plan that can accommodate your growth.

The amount of bandwidth offered also differs from plan to plan. If you anticipate a lot of web traffic going back and forth, you will need a lot bandwidth. If you plan to post videos or host a photo gallery, you will need a lot of bandwidth as well. If you have a plan that had inadequate bandwidth, your web site visitors will frequently run into the "server busy" problem. This causes frustration among your visitors and it may discourage them from coming back. Also, web hosts often charge a high price for bandwidth usage that is above the allocated amount per account. You can be surprised by a costly bill if you do not monitor your bandwidth usage or go with an account that can cover your average usage.

Determine if there is a time when your website receives a particularly high number of web visitors. You should check with your web host to make sure that they do not do any server maintenance during that time. A web server often has to be taken offline in order to have maintenance done on it. If your web host happens to take your web server offline when a lot visitors visit, you can potentially lose out on a lot of business. Therefore, pay attention to when your host does maintenance, and plan ahead.

If you can get answers to these questions, you will be able to determine which web hosts are right for you. When you find the perfect one, you will avoid many problems with your website administration.


Managed Web Hosting Tips to Consider

Thursday, 21 March 2013 | Posted by Bhavna Benival

If you are newbie to the related field then you have to ensure that you work according to the specified methods. There are various sources of information that you cannot put aside. So, it becomes a pre-requisite that you consider some of the valuable tips that can really prove to be a treat for you. The world of internet can really provide you with the handy tips that can simply be a treat for you. The competition is increasing many folds which is an indication that you have to come up with something new to achieve the desired results.

This is indeed pretty much vital for any business or stuff that you conduct. You should put aside the importance of the research which is backbone of a particular project. There are various online means that can help you to carry your research in a precise manner.

You should ensure that you know about the various kinds of the managed hosting services and types that are in offer. After doing so, you should ensure that you put your requirements in front of you. There are three commonly referred types of hosting. One is the VPS hosting, other is the shared one and the third is the dedicated server hosting. If you are to go with the cheapest of the lot, then the shared type of hosting can do the trick for you. There are, however, certain limitations to the usage of the shared hosting. The VPS type of hosting is more expensive than the shared one, and also provides you with more options. Dedicated type of hosting is the most expensive of the lot that provides you with the added advantage that can really be great.

Once you are into web hosting then you need to ensure that you check out the options and the features that you can have. Dedicated Server Reseller is also a great feature that can really help you to achieve the desired results that are really beneficial. Try to figure out all the options and ensure that you are going for web hosting that can really cater the needs that you are faced with.

There are many of the service providers that are there for the taking over the internet. You have to go for the one that can provide you with the intuitive results. The price that you have to pay also play a very vital factor and you need to keep that into the back of the mind. You should ensure that the web hosting provider provides you with the server that is up 99% of the given time period. Try to go for the managed web hosting after having a look at the web hosting tips.


Webhosting4india Cheap Shared Hosting Solution for Consumers

Saturday, 2 March 2013 | Posted by Bhavna Benival

In response to consumer demands Webhosting4india has added another cheap hosting option to their lineup of shared hosting packages. Prior to this new package Webhosting4india offered cheap shared hosting solutions. With this new offering aspiring webmasters can purchase a web hosting solution for one year for less than the cost of dinner.

With the number of cheap shared web hosting on the web it is increasingly difficult for consumers to decide which company deserves their business. The provider that they eventually choose can make or break their online businesses. The fact is that many cheap hosting solutions are not all that they're cracked out to be. The low cost packages often leave out some crucial elements of hosting including technical support, help with migration, one click installation of scripts and a ton of other features that customers invariably need. Many of the customers choosing these packages have basic hosting requirements but need high performance, round the clock support and stability and this is what we give to them.

Webhosting4india also recognizes that consumers have right to change their minds and so they give customers the option to request a refund within 15 days of purchase if they're not 100% satisfied. We do everything to provide our customers with cutting edge hosting solutions but at the end of the day it's up to them to decide where they want to take their business and if they request a refund we give it to them no questions asked.

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Reliable Dedicated Server Hosting

Monday, 25 February 2013 | Posted by Bhavna Benival

Due to low budget most of the webmasters don't get the opportunity to enjoy the handling a dedicated server. Everyone knows that the dedicated server hosting is an expensive hosting solution and yet its prices are crashing down as the new technology cloud hosting is coming up. However, though its prices are going down it is still a web hosting solutions that is affordable only by the large websites.

Explaining dedicated Hosting:

The Dedicated Hosting is a type of website hosting mostly preferred by the large web sites or sites having huge amount of traffic and needs reliability and high-performance. Dislikes its high price, people still wanted to host their business websites on a dedicated server. As it is one of the oldest hosting type it trustworthy and offers high-performance, enhanced security and freedom to administer your server by your way.

In any case, a dedicated server hosting customer has a full authority to select the hardware configuration and the choice of OS for his dedicated server. This service is completely different from the typical shared hosting where multiple clients share the server resources and don't have much freedom to choose the choice of operating system.


Types of dedicated server hosting

| Posted by Bhavna Benival

There are two different types of dedicated server hosting:

    Managed Dedicated Server Hosting
    Unmanaged Dedicated Server Hosting

Managed dedicated server hosting exactly means that with a physical dedicated server the client get a complete assistance or customer support to manage their server. The complete assistance includes the entire management of the server by your web hosting provider. However, the client has to decide and request the provider the applications or anything they want to install or configure on their server.

In Unmanaged dedicated server hosting, your hosting provider does not take any responsibility of managing the server, it is the clients responsibility to manage its own server. In the manged hosting, you can configure the server just like you do in managed hosting. However, if you don't have time to look over your server, definitely problems are going to occur. Hence, going with a managed dedicated hosting would be a great decision.

In terms of price, unmanaged hosting is bit affordable than managed hosting, as you don't have to bear the administration fee to manage the server by your provider. Almost, all the hosting provider offers both types of hosting packages, so when you realizes that you can't handle the server due to time management issue, you can easily switch to managed hosting and let your web hosting provider to manage the server for you.

Just like shared hosting you have to share your hardware resources with other clients hosted under the same VPS. However, if any website on that VSP drives huge traffic it might affect the other sites hosted on that server. On dedicated server hosting, you are the whole sole user of the server, so that you don't need to worry about your server performance.



Windows Dedicated Server Hosting

Saturday, 16 February 2013 | Posted by Bhavna Benival

There are a large number of websites that require dedicated server hosting. This web hosting program operates with those sites which have a windows application. The main advantages of having a windows dedicated server hosting is that it gives a reasonable way to manage any website. This hosting system runs without any extra inputs, on applications from Microsoft. Dedicated servers are, sort of customized to tackle individuals. Each user can be linked separately with the dedicated server hosting. The programs which largely benefit from this hosting system are MS SQL server, Cold fusion applications and Microsoft exchange.

Dedicated servers are advantageous for websites which have more hits and visitors. The dedicated server hosting platform can manage the activities of sites like those of media hosting, web applications, script run sites, and even simple mail servers. In case the windows operating system is the choice of application, then a dedicated hosting system is a chief requisite. The dedicated server hosting programs receive up gradations from time to time. Dedicated server hosting is efficient to handle large web traffic. The latest version of dedicated server hosting from Windows comes with high end security features and latest web management techniques.

The windows operating system has administration or access at the root level. Dedicated web hosting helps improve the image if the websites and also the level of online businesses. The dedicated web servers are located in data centers which are high quality. Choose and install any and very software as per your requirement, once you are booked with the dedicated server hosting system from Windows. These servers have total control on the online operations of the websites. The features on offer by the dedicated server system are unique and are reason enough to spend the hard earned money on it. A tad expensive, over other hosting systems, the dedicated hosting system is one of the most prudent choices available.

The dedicated server hosting system has scored over all of its other counterparts as a result of its easy administration and unmatched features. The interface for the users of this system has been simplified. The system allows users to manage policies for more than a single domain. One can also manage more than one website in a simple and easy to understand manner. The system is expandable and has a user friendly graphic design or interface, as it is technically called. There is an easy manner in which the dedicated server hosting system allows resource and file sharing amongst a wide range of websites.


Basic Features Of Windows Hosting

| Posted by Bhavna Benival

Windows hosting is becoming popular now days. Any one in need of the website will go for windows hosting. Many web hosts are available today on internet. But before going to any conclusion, you should make sure that web hosting company you have chosen is the best for you. There are some factors that you must understand before finalizing any of the web company.

Disk space is the term which you should know, that what is it and how to implement while choosing the windows hosting company. Every hosting company will provide you some amount of disk space according to your requirement where you can upload files. Files can be of any type such as audio, video or any image file of any format. Usage of the disk space varies from host to host. So you should decide in advance that how much of disk space will be enough for you. While making this decision just have a look on the type of website you require. If you are in online business for the first time then you should not waste much amount in acquiring disk space. But on the other hand if you are in a serious business and require a professional website, then you will have to take large amount of disk space because you will update the website and add files daily.

A rough estimate of the disk space should be made. Disk space is used in email, database files and web files that you will upload on the web site. But while making rough estimate of the disk space you should know that what all files will be uploaded in your web site. If you are counting email in your disk space then you must take a little more amount of disk space. By doing so you will not have to delete the old mails and in case you need any old information you can get it easily. In order to stop the overflow, you should limit the usage of the email account.

Email accounts are also one of the common features of the windows hosting. Some of the service providers give the control of email setting to the clients, while some of them do the setting by themselves. Email settings include size of the email account and restriction of the incoming and outgoing emails. There are normally four types of email accounts.

POP3 is the first type of the email service. This is a traditional inbox type. You are provided with space over the internet to store your mails. Whenever you will login, username and password will be asked to you. Both of these username and password constitute together to make a single account.

Forwarding mail is the service that allows you to send or forward the mails.

Alias is the name through which you can be able to identify different accounts of email. If you want to know the status of the email then remember it depends on the factor that to whom the mail is being sent.

Last type of the email account is Auto responders. This type of email is important if you have to send any prepared information.



What Is Shared Hosting Plan

Friday, 1 February 2013 | Posted by Bhavna Benival

Web hosting is a huge online business, this is simply because every website needs to be hosted somewhere on the internet. Shared web hosting is where many websites share the same server - as a result you have to share resources and an IP address with what is generally a large number of other users. Shared hosting is a good choice for small websites, such as personal blogs, as they only need minimal resources and bandwidth. Shared hosting is considered to be one of the most popular hosting methods for many webmasters out there today.Nevertheless, shared hosting is still the most affordable hosting option available out there.

Shared web hosting is the best option for small businesses with average traffic. This type of hosting plan is suitable for websites or blogs that don't require much space and bandwidth.

It is cheap and offer lots of features. With best shared hosting, all websites share a common pool of server resources. With shared hosting, you don't need to have a technical staff to run your website. Your web host takes care of every aspect of your hosting plan. All plans come with an easy-to-use graphical user interface known as a Control Panel.

Monitoring Your Server
What, now, are the stats you should be monitoring in general?
Uptime - Ping the server to check whether it is working or not.
Disk space -- Monitor all partitions on their free space.
Memory Consumption -- How much physical ram is being used and how much left by applications etc.
CPU utilization - How loaded is cpu.
Database monitoring - How many queries per second are being executed.
Network traffic - Is your server generating a lot of unwanted traffic.
Web hosting Limitations Why Commercial Is better than free -

Free hosting offers are never on par with their paid-service counterparts, as such cost-free options lack a myriad of features that are truly important to people who wish to attain business success. As made clear, those who would want to succeed in building businesses online should stop relying on free hosting services. By opting to use such cost-free hosting solutions, one would not only risk losing the respect of potential customers but would also suffer from multimedia limitations.

Benefits of shared hosting plans

Inexpensive in comparison to other hosting platforms
Simple hosting platform for clients with limited hosting expertise
Physical security of data center location
Physical safety of data center location


Shared Web Hosting - Get clear success

| Posted by Bhavna Benival

The web hosting is the main process that allows the website to be live on Internet. There are different types of web hosting on the market. One of the most common types of hosting is shared hosting which is providing hosting services at very cheap prices. In cheap shared hosting, the user can share server resources with multiple users on their websites. Go with shared web hosting, you can deal with prices starting from very little money each month with the disk space and bandwidth allocated. The shared web hosting users can enjoy a host of benefits and some of them are listed below.


In the. Shared hosting price is definitely the biggest advantage because the accommodation offers its as low Shared web hosting is the type of accommodation that is famous mostly known for its profitability. Shared hosting users share the server only even with its many resources like space, bandwidth, hard disk, CPU, RAM and hard and users can share the cost of server maintenance so their pricing plans is very cheap. Normally the low price attracts more people, because they always have the idea of ​​getting quality products but at a low price and may in the shared web hosting that offers the best performance at an affordable price to the people. More than this, shared hosting plans largely has provided a discounted price.

Comfortable accommodation

If a person wants to start the business with the help of web hosting on a small budget, shared hosting is the best option for him. Normally, shared web hosting gained the attention of people in the Internet world and is probably suitable for most types of business. The shared web hosting is the type of accommodation has earned a higher priority to people hosting due to its cost effectiveness and reliable web hosting.


The hosting provider's shared hosting server can monitor 24/7 and the hosting provider is also responsible for the problem if it happened on the server. By going with shared hosting not worry about server maintenance, backup and much, because they fell under the control of shared hosting provider. More from this hosting provider also offers the control panel with the hosting service. With the help of the control panel, users can enjoy easy file upload, update / modify or delete web pages, domain management, add the database, create email accounts for the specific domain and more. Normally, shared web hosting provider has the idea of ​​involving equitable resource and cost for users and leading them to the path of your business successful. But there is no doubt that going with shared hosting, you will surely save money and enjoy a requirement that you want and is really a blessing for users who want to host the website on a cheap budget.



Types of Web Hosting

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One of the principal difficulties people encounter in readiness regarding an internet site is the job of deciding on the right web host and web hosting bundle that can go well with their particular needs. First of all it is important you already know what web hosting will be, precisely what different kinds there are along with which sort will probably be right for you. Under can be an summarize associated with the several main web hosting kinds that will help you help make the proper selections without having to be oversold a web hosting package and then any functions you won't will need.

Once you've created your internet site you need it to be seen simply by website visitors about the Worldwide Web, to accomplish this you'll need your website records to become published onto a machine. A server is simply a computer that's linked to the internet 24/7/365. Either buy or rent distinct levels of web space to store your site data files into it. Hosting packages are usually different through the level of web area allocated, the speed, volume of databases, quantity of web sites you are able to number, amount of email accounts.

Now you have a better comprehension of just what web hosting can be, it is crucial that you realize the distinction between the four main varieties of web hosting open to you.

Free of charge Hosting
A well liked type of web hosting particularly with individuals as well as modest personalized websites is free web hosting, so that you don't have to shell out the dough! nevertheless as everyone knows practically nothing occurs totally free. Web hosting firms that offer no cost web hosting will generally ask you to put some type of advertisement on your own web site as well as hyperlink, this can be a profits supply for the children which could make these a clean earnings. Getting totally free hosting can restriction the professionalism and reliability of one's site and you also manage the chance of an individual searching your website to go away by hitting the advertisement. Various other disadvantages associated with free of charge hosting is your website will likely be organised with an elderly hosting server, so that you may undoubtably have an overabundance outages problems. Remember using free of charge hosting you should have restricted web room along with data transfer use age and will not have any technical support. Free of charge hosting is a great option regarding tiny individual websites, pupils however, if you are looking to create a skilled and efficient web presence keep properly clear.

Shared Web Hosting
Shared hosting will be a compensated hosting service wherever multiple internet sites are generally located on a single server that's attached the net. Each and every site provides it is very own web space about the host to help keep that apart from the some other sites. Contributed hosting is definitely the hottest form of hosting obtainable and is most recent to be able to the tastes people who demand web hosting. Distributed hosting will be the ideal selection for promising small to huge business internet sites, individual internet sites, blogs as well as art gallery sites.

Distributed hosting is additionally the many economical strategy to web host your web site and it is far better than totally free hosting. Contributed hosting allows you to get your personal distinctive url of your website attached with that and gives a person entry to many other services. You could expect functions for example transmitting and receiving email, software installing including Hubpages, Joomla cms, Drupal and so forth, sources, e-commerce capabilities and fast, useful tech support team.

Electronic Private / Server colocation
The happen to be a lot of improvements more than the previous few years in both hardware and software systems, specially in visualization and have developed an extremely reliable form of web hosting called virtual private / server collocation otherwise known as Virtual dedicated server as well as VDS. This sort of hosting is the term for one actual physical host becoming portioned off directly into individual, several electronic hosts. Each of the electronic machines provides the same visual appeal as well as characteristics as possessing a committed hosting server, it could run on it is personal operating-system as well as always be independently rebooted. Personal private / dedicated servers are generally an excellent option for people that need higher features, with no the expense of a full devoted machine.

Dedicated servers
Hosting offer you an entirely dedicated answer only on your web site. You should have most the machines means, digesting electrical power, web space, memory space at your web sites fingertips. This can be the suggested hosting selection if you're planning on as well as encountering substantial amounts of targeted traffic, will need a more impressive range involving dependability, much more rate, superior security or even call for a distinct software on your web site. Hosting tend to be undoubtedly the very best hosting solution accessible but they are now more costly.


Questions and Answers About Web Hosting

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When you're planning on setting up a website and shopping around for a web host, you may find all the technical terminology a bit confusing at first. Not to worry. In reality, it isn't all that complicated to find out what you need to know. Some of the questions you need to ask related to your business and others are related to the web hosting industry. Let's look at some common questions that generally arise n related to web hosts and web hosting.

First of all, what is a Web Host?

A web host is a service provider that oversees many different websites on a server. A host provides the home or platform on which your website resides. Most reasonably sized web hosts typically have different hosting packages available based upon size requirements. They may have shared or dedicated web hosting facilities as different options as well. The type of hosting package that you choose will depend on what you require for your website.

Where Is Your Business Going?

If you have recently started your business, keeping costs low is no doubt one of your current top priorities. However, if you see your business growing rapidly in the future, you will need to keep in mind how this may affect things such as your website and website hosting package and plan accordingly. There are many good entry-level and basic web hosting packages on shared servers but many have a limit on the bandwidth available to you. If your business is successful and expands rapidly, you may find that you need to enlarge your hosting package. Not all web hosts offer upgrade facilities and this in turn can make it an arduous task to upgrade your web hosting package. Your best option is to choose a package that can accommodate your growth.

How Much Do You Really Know About Web Hosting?

It is not unusual for the average business owner to have a limited or rudimentary understanding of web hosting and web design. If you belong to this group, then you'll want to sign up with a web hosting provider that has the technical knowledge and experience that you can rely on. Ideally, and if your budget allows, you will want to choose a web host that offers a managed hosting service. What this means is that they will take care of all the web server maintenance and most related issues, thus ensuring that you have maximum up-time on your website.

Are Free Hosting Packages Worth It?

While there are certainly some good free hosting companies out there, you need to think carefully before signing up for one. More often than not, these hosting packages are free because the hosting providers are selling advertising space on the websites they host. This means that you may not have complete control over the content on your website. In addition, free hosting packages generally have limited support services and can generally not be upgraded to other packages.

What Are the Differences Between Shared and Dedicated Hosting?

Dedicated hosting means that your website is allocated its own unique server. This means that you have a greater level of control over your website as well as improved hosting efficiency. You can also ensure higher security levels on your server and you'll have more flexibility in the way you manage your website; however, this is considered a premium and you will pay accordingly for this option. Dedicated servers are quite expensive which is why the option of shared servers became available. A shared server is exactly what it sounds like: it hosts several different websites. The capacity of each is limited and because there are different site owners accessing the server, you have lower levels of security and also less control.

What Is an E-commerce Website?

An e-commerce website is another way to describe an online store. They require specialized hosting and web design to ensure they run efficiently. The web host you choose should be experienced with hosting e-commerce sites and be able to provide you with technical support should you choose to go this route with your business.

What Is a Marketing or Corporate Website?

This type of website is a shop window for your business as it showcases who you are and what your business is about. While it may involve less than an e-commerce site, it still requires that you choose a reliable web host.

What Makes a Web Host Reliable?

One of the most important considerations when choosing a host is the level and efficiency of the technical support provided to you. No systems are flawless.Things can and will go wrong, and when they do you need to have the problems dealt with as quickly as possible. A reputable hosting provider will have technical experts available on their support desk who can assist you with most any problems. The stability of the server is the other important consideration. A well-maintained and managed server shouldn't ever go down  and this is what you want from a web host - a website that is accessible 24/7.

Website Security?

Web hosts employ various security measures to ensure the stability of the server. As the owner of a website, it is vital to maintain a good level of security on your website as well. This may include having a reputable anti-virus suite installed in your system. You may also choose to use spam filtering and spyware hunters. It is important to keep it constantly updated to keep your system protected.

So, Where Do You Find a Good Web Host?

Your web designer will probably have a hosting provider that they have an established relationship with. It is a good idea to follow their recommendations. You can ask colleagues and business associates which company they use, their user experience is a valuable asset to have when you're in the choosing stage. Lastly, you can search online. When you've settled on some choices that may suit your needs, look up the prospective hosts and read reviews of their service. There are many sites on the internet that specialize in reviewing web hosts, use the information provided to your advantage.

By understanding the basics about web hosting and web hosting service providers, you can easily select a web host that is best for you. Your business will flourish, your time won't be tied up dealing with issues related to your site and, more importantly, your customers will thank you!


Basic advantages of windows server hosting

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When you are going to hire a hosting service to build your website for your small business then you need to know the basic things of web hosting. You are the best person to judge that what required features are and what about your budget. 

Commonly, this choice to host your website depends upon the scripting language that is used in your website. If languages like PHP, MySQL, or Perl are used in your website, Linux server hosting is preferable. But if you are thinking for ASP Dot Net scripting language then your finest choice would the window hosting.

If you need some interactive facilities like chat or searchable database, Linux may not be the best choice. Also, a Linux-based web server is not fully acquiescent with Windows technologies. If you are using any Windows-centric technologies like Visual Basic, then Windows-based servers would be the required choice for you.

Advantages of windows web hosting

1. .NET technologies like ASP dot net VB dot net are available on this platform. If you have a website built with Microsoft .NET technologies then you will have to choose a Windows server hosting plan.

2. If you need an enterprise class database there are some different features that run on a Linux platform but if you need Microsoft's MSSQL database, a Windows hosting plan will be your best choice.

3. Access Databases are only obtainable with a Windows server hosting plan. Access can only run on a Microsoft Windows platform and thus it is unavailable on a Linux hosting. If your site needs particularly this feature then you will have to accept windows server hosting.

4. If you are using some of the Microsoft's Sharepoint services a Windows Hosting plan is only reliable choice for you.

5. Windows plans typically much costly because of the license costs compulsory by Microsoft.

Normally, Linux server hosting plans are at least 20% economical than windows server hosting plans. If you need not to have any unique features for your website, like cart, searchable database etc, Linux server hosting is a finest alternative for your needs.

When you are required for specific Microsoft technologies, Windows hosting plans generally will be your favorable think. But for all small business owner needs Linux hosting plans will generally perform quite well for its cost effective features.

Normally, Linux server hosting plans are at least 20% economical than windows server hosting plans. If you need not to have any unique features for your website, like cart, searchable database etc, Linux server hosting is a finest alternative for your needs.

When you are required for specific Microsoft technologies, Windows hosting plans generally will be your favorable think. But for all small business owner needs Linux hosting plans will generally perform quite well for its cost effective features.


Basic Advantages of Linux server hosting

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When you are going to hire a hosting service to build your website for your small business then you need to know the basic things of web hosting. You are the best person to judge that what required features are and what about your budget. 

Commonly, this choice to host your website depends upon the scripting language that is used in your website. If languages like PHP, MySQL, or Perl are used in your website, Linux server hosting is preferable. But if you are thinking for ASP Dot Net scripting language then your finest choice would the window hosting.

If you need some interactive facilities like chat or searchable database, Linux may not be the best choice. Also, a Linux-based web server is not fully acquiescent with Windows technologies. If you are using any Windows-centric technologies like Visual Basic, then Windows-based servers would be the required choice for you.

Advantages of Linux server hosting

1. Linux is an open source software product and thus it does not need the high licensing fees that other operating systems do; you can freely download and use it at no cost.

2. A Linux website can easily be converted to a Windows website without much hassle. Also, the website can easily be changed as the requirement of the user grows.

3. Linux web hosting is very economical as Linux is a free operating system. Usually, only the cost of distribution is borne by the host or owner.

4. When the scripting language like PHP, MySQL, or Perl etc. are required for your website then Linux server hosting is the most reliable and cost effective solution for you. Unless heavy load of scripting language, this will not be traceable.

5. There are many kinds of databases that run on Linux hosting, but the most widespread most likely among web host providers are mSQL, MySQL and PostgreSQL. These databases are relational by nature, and permit vastly optimized communication with your website for rapid reclamation of data.

6. By lots of circles Linux hosting is supposed to be much securing than Windows hosting, and for that reason only Linux server hosting is also the more popular choice for web designers and programmers.

Normally, Linux server hosting plans are at least 20% economical than windows server hosting plans. If you need not to have any unique features for your website, like cart, searchable database etc, Linux server hosting is a finest alternative for your needs.

When you are required for specific Microsoft technologies, Windows hosting plans generally will be your favorable think. But for all small business owner needs Linux hosting plans will generally perform quite well for its cost effective features.