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Few Usual Fable About Linux Shared Hosting

Tuesday, 22 October 2013 | Posted by Bhavna Benival

Few Usual Fable About Linux Shared Hosting

Some of the top myths that are doing the rounds in the mind of every potential website owner are as discussed below:

No support is available: The most common myth about linux shared hosting is that if you opt to this server, then you will not get any support, as this is an open source platform. But now the times have changed, and now there is a whole community of Linux developers are present, who will help you if there are any issues or problem. So, if you were having this notion till now, then it is time that you shed away this thought, and reconsider your decision.

A website running Windows application cannot be hosted on Linux: There are many people who believe that the website that uses proprietary products of Windows cannot run on a Linux platform. But you should understand one thing very clearly, and that is, the applications used in the website have nothing to do with the server that you are using to host the website. The choice of the server is dependent totally upon your requirement and not the environment in which it was developed.

The popularity of Windows OS is due to the superiority of Windows: There is a difference between the popularity of an operating system, and the popularity of using it as a server. A linux shared hosting is much cheaper, and is very easy to maintain and run. As this server runs on an open platform, the cost of the license does not have to be borne by the website owner. They also do not have the security issues like the Windows server. The users also get the freedom of changing the code of the applications, as and when they require it.

Windows server is faster than Linux: This is the biggest myth of all time. The advanced features of the Windows Operating System does not mean that that the speed of the server will be fast too. Some of the best Linux servers can also match the speed of the Windows server. Many tests have been carried out, and the speed has been found to be same in both the cases.

Linux hosting is complex: The cPanel or the Admin panel of the linux shared hosting is very user friendly, and it is similar to the control panel provided by Windows. As the code of the source in Linus server can be changed easily, the development work is easier in this platform.

So, these are the common myths that have instilled lots of confusion in the mind of the customers.