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Reliable Dedicated Server Hosting

Monday, 25 February 2013 | Posted by Bhavna Benival

Due to low budget most of the webmasters don't get the opportunity to enjoy the handling a dedicated server. Everyone knows that the dedicated server hosting is an expensive hosting solution and yet its prices are crashing down as the new technology cloud hosting is coming up. However, though its prices are going down it is still a web hosting solutions that is affordable only by the large websites.

Explaining dedicated Hosting:

The Dedicated Hosting is a type of website hosting mostly preferred by the large web sites or sites having huge amount of traffic and needs reliability and high-performance. Dislikes its high price, people still wanted to host their business websites on a dedicated server. As it is one of the oldest hosting type it trustworthy and offers high-performance, enhanced security and freedom to administer your server by your way.

In any case, a dedicated server hosting customer has a full authority to select the hardware configuration and the choice of OS for his dedicated server. This service is completely different from the typical shared hosting where multiple clients share the server resources and don't have much freedom to choose the choice of operating system.


Types of dedicated server hosting

| Posted by Bhavna Benival

There are two different types of dedicated server hosting:

    Managed Dedicated Server Hosting
    Unmanaged Dedicated Server Hosting

Managed dedicated server hosting exactly means that with a physical dedicated server the client get a complete assistance or customer support to manage their server. The complete assistance includes the entire management of the server by your web hosting provider. However, the client has to decide and request the provider the applications or anything they want to install or configure on their server.

In Unmanaged dedicated server hosting, your hosting provider does not take any responsibility of managing the server, it is the clients responsibility to manage its own server. In the manged hosting, you can configure the server just like you do in managed hosting. However, if you don't have time to look over your server, definitely problems are going to occur. Hence, going with a managed dedicated hosting would be a great decision.

In terms of price, unmanaged hosting is bit affordable than managed hosting, as you don't have to bear the administration fee to manage the server by your provider. Almost, all the hosting provider offers both types of hosting packages, so when you realizes that you can't handle the server due to time management issue, you can easily switch to managed hosting and let your web hosting provider to manage the server for you.

Just like shared hosting you have to share your hardware resources with other clients hosted under the same VPS. However, if any website on that VSP drives huge traffic it might affect the other sites hosted on that server. On dedicated server hosting, you are the whole sole user of the server, so that you don't need to worry about your server performance.



Windows Dedicated Server Hosting

Saturday, 16 February 2013 | Posted by Bhavna Benival

There are a large number of websites that require dedicated server hosting. This web hosting program operates with those sites which have a windows application. The main advantages of having a windows dedicated server hosting is that it gives a reasonable way to manage any website. This hosting system runs without any extra inputs, on applications from Microsoft. Dedicated servers are, sort of customized to tackle individuals. Each user can be linked separately with the dedicated server hosting. The programs which largely benefit from this hosting system are MS SQL server, Cold fusion applications and Microsoft exchange.

Dedicated servers are advantageous for websites which have more hits and visitors. The dedicated server hosting platform can manage the activities of sites like those of media hosting, web applications, script run sites, and even simple mail servers. In case the windows operating system is the choice of application, then a dedicated hosting system is a chief requisite. The dedicated server hosting programs receive up gradations from time to time. Dedicated server hosting is efficient to handle large web traffic. The latest version of dedicated server hosting from Windows comes with high end security features and latest web management techniques.

The windows operating system has administration or access at the root level. Dedicated web hosting helps improve the image if the websites and also the level of online businesses. The dedicated web servers are located in data centers which are high quality. Choose and install any and very software as per your requirement, once you are booked with the dedicated server hosting system from Windows. These servers have total control on the online operations of the websites. The features on offer by the dedicated server system are unique and are reason enough to spend the hard earned money on it. A tad expensive, over other hosting systems, the dedicated hosting system is one of the most prudent choices available.

The dedicated server hosting system has scored over all of its other counterparts as a result of its easy administration and unmatched features. The interface for the users of this system has been simplified. The system allows users to manage policies for more than a single domain. One can also manage more than one website in a simple and easy to understand manner. The system is expandable and has a user friendly graphic design or interface, as it is technically called. There is an easy manner in which the dedicated server hosting system allows resource and file sharing amongst a wide range of websites.


Basic Features Of Windows Hosting

| Posted by Bhavna Benival

Windows hosting is becoming popular now days. Any one in need of the website will go for windows hosting. Many web hosts are available today on internet. But before going to any conclusion, you should make sure that web hosting company you have chosen is the best for you. There are some factors that you must understand before finalizing any of the web company.

Disk space is the term which you should know, that what is it and how to implement while choosing the windows hosting company. Every hosting company will provide you some amount of disk space according to your requirement where you can upload files. Files can be of any type such as audio, video or any image file of any format. Usage of the disk space varies from host to host. So you should decide in advance that how much of disk space will be enough for you. While making this decision just have a look on the type of website you require. If you are in online business for the first time then you should not waste much amount in acquiring disk space. But on the other hand if you are in a serious business and require a professional website, then you will have to take large amount of disk space because you will update the website and add files daily.

A rough estimate of the disk space should be made. Disk space is used in email, database files and web files that you will upload on the web site. But while making rough estimate of the disk space you should know that what all files will be uploaded in your web site. If you are counting email in your disk space then you must take a little more amount of disk space. By doing so you will not have to delete the old mails and in case you need any old information you can get it easily. In order to stop the overflow, you should limit the usage of the email account.

Email accounts are also one of the common features of the windows hosting. Some of the service providers give the control of email setting to the clients, while some of them do the setting by themselves. Email settings include size of the email account and restriction of the incoming and outgoing emails. There are normally four types of email accounts.

POP3 is the first type of the email service. This is a traditional inbox type. You are provided with space over the internet to store your mails. Whenever you will login, username and password will be asked to you. Both of these username and password constitute together to make a single account.

Forwarding mail is the service that allows you to send or forward the mails.

Alias is the name through which you can be able to identify different accounts of email. If you want to know the status of the email then remember it depends on the factor that to whom the mail is being sent.

Last type of the email account is Auto responders. This type of email is important if you have to send any prepared information.



What Is Shared Hosting Plan

Friday, 1 February 2013 | Posted by Bhavna Benival

Web hosting is a huge online business, this is simply because every website needs to be hosted somewhere on the internet. Shared web hosting is where many websites share the same server - as a result you have to share resources and an IP address with what is generally a large number of other users. Shared hosting is a good choice for small websites, such as personal blogs, as they only need minimal resources and bandwidth. Shared hosting is considered to be one of the most popular hosting methods for many webmasters out there today.Nevertheless, shared hosting is still the most affordable hosting option available out there.

Shared web hosting is the best option for small businesses with average traffic. This type of hosting plan is suitable for websites or blogs that don't require much space and bandwidth.

It is cheap and offer lots of features. With best shared hosting, all websites share a common pool of server resources. With shared hosting, you don't need to have a technical staff to run your website. Your web host takes care of every aspect of your hosting plan. All plans come with an easy-to-use graphical user interface known as a Control Panel.

Monitoring Your Server
What, now, are the stats you should be monitoring in general?
Uptime - Ping the server to check whether it is working or not.
Disk space -- Monitor all partitions on their free space.
Memory Consumption -- How much physical ram is being used and how much left by applications etc.
CPU utilization - How loaded is cpu.
Database monitoring - How many queries per second are being executed.
Network traffic - Is your server generating a lot of unwanted traffic.
Web hosting Limitations Why Commercial Is better than free -

Free hosting offers are never on par with their paid-service counterparts, as such cost-free options lack a myriad of features that are truly important to people who wish to attain business success. As made clear, those who would want to succeed in building businesses online should stop relying on free hosting services. By opting to use such cost-free hosting solutions, one would not only risk losing the respect of potential customers but would also suffer from multimedia limitations.

Benefits of shared hosting plans

Inexpensive in comparison to other hosting platforms
Simple hosting platform for clients with limited hosting expertise
Physical security of data center location
Physical safety of data center location


Shared Web Hosting - Get clear success

| Posted by Bhavna Benival

The web hosting is the main process that allows the website to be live on Internet. There are different types of web hosting on the market. One of the most common types of hosting is shared hosting which is providing hosting services at very cheap prices. In cheap shared hosting, the user can share server resources with multiple users on their websites. Go with shared web hosting, you can deal with prices starting from very little money each month with the disk space and bandwidth allocated. The shared web hosting users can enjoy a host of benefits and some of them are listed below.


In the. Shared hosting price is definitely the biggest advantage because the accommodation offers its as low Shared web hosting is the type of accommodation that is famous mostly known for its profitability. Shared hosting users share the server only even with its many resources like space, bandwidth, hard disk, CPU, RAM and hard and users can share the cost of server maintenance so their pricing plans is very cheap. Normally the low price attracts more people, because they always have the idea of ​​getting quality products but at a low price and may in the shared web hosting that offers the best performance at an affordable price to the people. More than this, shared hosting plans largely has provided a discounted price.

Comfortable accommodation

If a person wants to start the business with the help of web hosting on a small budget, shared hosting is the best option for him. Normally, shared web hosting gained the attention of people in the Internet world and is probably suitable for most types of business. The shared web hosting is the type of accommodation has earned a higher priority to people hosting due to its cost effectiveness and reliable web hosting.


The hosting provider's shared hosting server can monitor 24/7 and the hosting provider is also responsible for the problem if it happened on the server. By going with shared hosting not worry about server maintenance, backup and much, because they fell under the control of shared hosting provider. More from this hosting provider also offers the control panel with the hosting service. With the help of the control panel, users can enjoy easy file upload, update / modify or delete web pages, domain management, add the database, create email accounts for the specific domain and more. Normally, shared web hosting provider has the idea of ​​involving equitable resource and cost for users and leading them to the path of your business successful. But there is no doubt that going with shared hosting, you will surely save money and enjoy a requirement that you want and is really a blessing for users who want to host the website on a cheap budget.