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About Web Hosting

| Posted by Bhavna Benival

You have decided to use WordPress for your business and now everyone is excited to build your website or blog! So now you have a vision of what your website will look like. Now what? And where you host your WordPress site? This is the area where most business owners are not sure which way to go when it comes to web hosting.

Well, what is Web Hosting?

Web hosting is where you host your website. Is your website where you will live and how people access it via the Internet. Website hosting is one of the key features in the operation of a website. There are several web hosting providers to choose from and thousands of these are found throughout the world. You will find numerous web servers free online forums that offer their services for banner ads, or you could find really cheap web hosting, which requires a long-term commitment. Each web hosting company will have their own plans and subscription rates.

You already know that you need web hosting to run WordPress, but WordPress requires what? What specifications are required? This is where I would like to pay attention. There are lots of things to consider, such as:

* What is your monthly budget?
* Are you waiting for a good heavy traffic due to marketing?
* What kind of support is needed for my website?
* Email - How, why and where I can get the email from my domain?
* How much space do you need on the web?
* What about pirates? Security?
* What is the reputation of web hosting?

If you are building a website/blog that will be an integral part of your business, then you need to consider quality hosting, email and reliable customer support. Why? Because in today's business world, people love to research on the web, use email to communicate and learn more all across the web. Your web site should provide the information, communication and information to update existing customers. You have to get into the mindset of thinking that using your website to build rapport with your customers is by far the most cost effective and saves time and resources that you can do.