The Advantages of Windows Web Hosting

Monday, 12 November 2012 | Posted by Bhavna Benival

Windows Web Hosting
In recent years, web hosting has emerged as one of the most popular search terms on Google with more and more people realize the need for a personal web space. Many operating systems provide a wealth of accommodation options platform, but Windows Server Hosting takes the cake easily. The combination of seamless integration, high security application compatibility, and a single point of control, Windows platform has become the best dedicated server hosting which allows some of the largest sites on the Internet, including Microsoft . compound itself.

The number of Windows applications used around the world every day is huge when it comes to web hosting that is not very different. Most of the latest web applications that are used today are based on Windows. Therefore, all Windows Server Hosting allows any Microsoft to integrate quickly and efficiently, while other platforms may not even support those applications. To take advantage of the latest technologies integrated.NET framework as Active Server Pages and VB.NET are running Windows Internet based servers. If you are running the service a.NET purchase based on your site or looking for an ASP.NET server hosting, Windows web hosting becomes the automatic choice for your needs.

Regarding the database support, Windows hosting has proved far superior to other available alternatives. For database servers as MSDE, MySQL or MSSQL, Windows platform provides complete integration, GUI support and support relational database to make the job easier and more efficient. Microsoft FrontPage is a popular web design software and currently being used by a large number of sites worldwide. Any site that is trying to use the Front Page extension must be run on a Windows platform webhosting.

If you use the popular Microsoft SharePoint for document management and content of your website, then Windows hosting is the best and only option. The same applies to applications based databases in Microsoft Access, Windows servers are the only option. Providing unmatched scalability, Widows servers hosting SharePoint have supported through all versions since its launch in 2001.

Windows web hosting come by default with DotNetPanel, one of the best boards of directors in the industry today. Allows you to centrally manage all applications while providing ease of use we've all known Windows for. Easy and effective, not DotNetPanel forces you to write a single line of code to operate your website.

If anything Windows hosting resellers have about skills is more robust security and traffic management of Windows servers. Windows Server 2003 has been created to give users a platform that can handle overwhelming amounts of traffic with ease and provide unprecedented security to save the site from malicious attacks.

Many people argue that Windows hosting is more expensive than other alternatives, but they forget the fact that, due to Microsoft licensing, updates to the Windows servers are released frequently to help customers stay in the game . Also any failure or error are set much faster ensuring 100% security and uptime compared to some open source alternatives on the market cheaper. And when it comes to impeccable service, customers do not mind paying a little extra money for peace of mind.

So if you are looking for a full service hosting, and who will provide the ease of use and unparalleled security while supporting the latest technologies, Windows Server Hosting is the perfect solution for you.



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